Looking For Opportunities With Limited Experience

I graduate Uni in August 2021 with a degree in engineering, I love engineering, but the job market isn’t loving me. Since my first application I think I am being judged based on two pieces of paper- and I have a lot more to offer than that.  All I can do really is keep the … Continued

Personal Development: Taking A Leap 

As a quiet and shy girl who developed into a socially anxious university student, I was always in awe of others who had the ability to strike up conversations with strangers, have such confidence to stand tall, speak to a room full of people or do something silly and manage to laugh it off and … Continued


Burnout. One of the buzz words circulating during the pandemic, and with good reason. I had always thrived on a bit of stress and loved a challenge, but there is only so much a human being can take and sadly I learnt this the hard way. With most things being online for the past two … Continued

How To Grow A Sports Team

I would like to share my experience using platform called Discord! There you can find people who have similar interests to you! During the covid lockdown the platform helped me to socialise with people and play different games such as Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite. Then I created my first team there called “Archist.” When I … Continued

Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

We all get anxious, worried, stressed, upset and frustrated. Some more than others such as someone who has a disability, mental problems or learning difficulties. For these people life is even harder so they may experience more of these unpleasant thoughts and feelings. But there are different ways to turn these negative storm of emotions … Continued

College Experience

Starting something new is scary for anyone, let alone someone with a disability because there are so many more nerves. There are the general nerves, will I be, ok? Have I picked the right subject? Will I make any new friends? But there are also nerves about getting enough support and will the lessons and … Continued

Failure results in Success

Life can be hard but anything worth doing is hard. For some of us, life can send us obstacles that make it even harder such as a disability like a visual impairment. I was diagnosed with Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS) at the age of 6 and from that point onwards parts of my education were harder … Continued

Leaving University: How I Defined success

Early last year, I was attempting to draft an essay when I realized something: I was at the height of my university experience, I had gotten to where I wanted to be, yet I was miserable. The pandemic was in full swing, and the illness of a family member had thrown my plans and life … Continued

How I became the person I want to be

Hey, you! Yeah, you, you are going to be fine, whatever you are going through it will pass and you will be the person you really aspire to be. It might be hard, I know. Maybe there are people that are making you feel extremely uncomfortable, you have plenty of thoughts attacking you right now, … Continued

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