7 Ways To Succeed In Your Gap Year Job

This piece was written by freelance writer and filmmaker Priyanka Mogul. Gap years have been the latest fad for a few years now, but how do you take one and make it count for something? I took a gap year back in 2011 before starting my journalism degree at university. I was lucky enough at the … Continued

What Not to Say to your Colleague who is Fasting

With companies championing diversity more than ever, it’s important to note that diversity is a brilliant thing when it’s not just a buzzword. It’s easy to assume the problem of ignorance and prejudice is solved, however many minorities deal with microaggressions multiple times a day. Diversity is a structural solution, not a superficial one. When … Continued

What we learnt from working at a festival

This article was written by freelancer Shelley Welti. Think work experience at a festival is all about running about in wellies, fetching things and making cuppas? Think again. For Oli, Clara and Adam (all students at BIMM, Europe’s largest and leading music college, which creates opportunities for their students to gain experience by putting on stages at … Continued

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