Amplifi is all about turning up your skills and getting in tune with your future. The young people we work with have put together some ace content to help support you in your journey.



Life after Lockdown

We’ve put together some things to keep in mind for when life returns to the ‘old normal’

How to procrastinate less

And get on with something more useful and productive!

Dealing with Job Rejection

How do we overcome the self-doubt that comes with rejection?

Keeping Creative

Pursuing a career in a creative industry is a tough barrier to break.

How to be Happier at Work

It really helps when our job doesn’t encroach upon on our wellbeing, right?

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Many of us battle with that little voice in the back of our head.

Should you ever take a pay cut for a role you love?

What to consider…

3 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Once in a while we all need a confidence booster.

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