I want to do what I love, but not being able to has affected my mental health

At college I wanted to do fashion and art, but I needed Maths and English to do it.

They said I could not do it, I had learning support at school and college because I struggle with difficult words, and sometime struggle with reading, writing, and learning.

I was out of control because I did not like the course, they made me do and I did not get on with the tutor. It made me behave naughty because I did not want to do the course, they put me on- vocational progression and prep for work instead. I ended up leaving because it was not my thing.

By not being able to do the course that I wanted made me feel p* off and made me cry.

I like to draw, do make up and make TikToks, I love clothing and designing clothing!

So now, I am not doing anything. I live at home with my mum and my sister, but I am not too sure what to do next.

I am not being taken seriously. I have not got anyone to help me do what I love to do and keep getting told you can’t.

My dream is to travel and experience fashion all over the world, I would like to blog about fashion and draw, and make my own outfits. I want to go to Paris because of Disneyland and the fashion.

The past has really hurt me, made me feel depressed, un-happy, and sad.

Who is going to help me do what I love? Can I trust that someone will help me after being told I can’t all the time?

Jess – amplifi influencer
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