Our young influencers are behind everything you see on amplifi, from being in the social media spotlight creating content, to behind the scenes advising on programme production, our amplifi community are the creative force behind our platform.

We are always happy to welcome new faces to our influencer team, please click below to find out more and apply to join us!

All our Influencers have the opportunity to join our team and the rest of the group for weekly sessions exploring a variety of media and content creation topics, you can see a sneak peak of our upcoming sessions below:

1. Intro to the programme

2. Podcasting ft Ed 

3. Media Literacy- Fact vs Fiction 

4. Doing it write- Ft Elsa Monteith 

5. Can do with Canva- ft Helena Traill 

6. Media Literacy- Three sides to every story 

7. Illustration- Ft Saber Cosmos  

8. Building Empathy- Speaking up, Speaking Out 

9. Blogging 101- ft Fama Creates  

10. Vlogging like a pro- ft K-OS Visuals  

11. Building Empathy- Manifesto for a better web 

12. Digital Citizenship- Becoming an internet Citizen  

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