Pursuing a career in a creative industry is a tough barrier to break – You’ll face lots of rejection, and this is inevitable! You’ll face ‘writers block’, you’ll have people who don’t believe in the importance of your craft – There are so many things that deter creativity in young people and we’re here to give some helpful tips on how to combat this and be true to yourself!

1) Accept, Adapt and Overcome!

It’s no secret that creative industries from theatre to writing to music and anything in-between is an extremely competitive sector to enter – It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking this will be easy, that it’s always fun but in reality it’s lots of hard work, this is something that when thinking of pursuing creative careers is important to accept, that way, you can look at ways to achieve this, healthy ways of dealing with obstacles and overall – overcome! The important thing is you want to do it and you can!

2) Keep Creative Through the Quiet!

Creative careers aren’t always consistent, and you might find yourself needing a “regular job” to keep you afloat when times are quieter, but it’s still important to flex those creative muscles in the meantime. Writing a verse, performing a monologue, painting a picture for fun – all these things help keep that inspiration flowing and doesn’t give you time to get rusty, meaning that when the next opportunity arises, you’ll be ready and raring to go!

3) Reach out to others!

It can be daunting starting out in a creative industry career, where do you start? Sometimes it can feel too steep a hill to overcome with how much there can be to do. A good thing to do is to reach out to those doing what you are aiming for or the people that helped them get there. Most people will want to help you, whether that’s with resources or advice – and hey, what can hurt by sending an email? The worst thing that can happen is that they don’t reply, but the potential positives massively outweigh the negatives. Don’t be scared to ask for advice!

4) Stay true to yourself!

Let your motivation come from within, just remember why you want to do what you do – Make sure enjoyment is central to whatever you do, don’t let it become a chore – even the less glamorous parts such as sending emails, view it as a step towards your creative success. Enjoy the ride and don’t get too caught up in the end goal, enjoy and believe in what you do, and other people will too!

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