Once in a while we all need a confidence booster. It could be positive affirmations, a new hair do or doing activities that we love and bring out the best in us. Sometimes we look for things from the outside to quench our despair. But I really want us to look on the inside as often this is where the work needs to be done and often leaves a more permanent result.

1. Appreciate Your Uniqueness

We are all unique in terms of our personalities, physical appearances and outlooks in life. This is what makes us so amazing and interesting. Yes it’s always great to change what we want. In fact change is good. For example, we may want to change our eating habits, or change the way we dress, or even change our perspectives and that is normal. But there are some fundamentals that make you who you are, that make you different and that bring something fresh to the table. Not one human being is the same, not even twins. Once you appreciate that you are special in your uniqueness this will boost your confidence. I think that if you truly want to leave your mark in this world it is your uniqueness that will pave the way for this. So from today use your uniqueness as a powerful tool to take you where you want to go.

2. Be Unapologetic

Even when we have mustered the strength to truly walk in our uniqueness we tone ourselves down. I know it’s not going to be easy at first, but the more you become who you are your confidence grows. Turning yourself down is like making you feel uncomfortable for the comfort of others. Yes, we must be respectful of others but turning you down is completely different. When you accept yourself you accept others, so you don’t have to worry about what people think about you, you only have to worry about what you think about yourself.  I started a podcast called Your Anthem, and it’s about “louding” your authentic self. So never turn yourself down, the world needs to hear you!

3. Reside Where You Thrive

Too many a times, we find ourselves in places to pay the bills, to please our parents or to live up to societies expectation of us. This not only kills our true potential but also shows an unauthentic version of you. From today I want you to reflect on your decisions and choices. Do what brings out the best in you and really lets loose you full potential. You are the best you when you do what you love, its hard not to leave your mark in spaces such as those.

I hope these three points will help you to live a more authentic life. We only have one so it’s only fair that we live it in a way that brings fulfillment and happiness. Don’t keep this article to yourself; share it with family and friends so they can also start their confidence journey today.

By Lapel

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