What the programme includes

All our Influencers have the opportunity to join our team and the rest of the group for weekly sessions exploring a variety of media and content creation topics, you can see a sneak peak of our upcoming sessions below:

1. Intro to the programme

2. Podcasting ft Ed 

3. Media Literacy- Fact vs Fiction 

4. Doing it write- Ft Elsa Monteith 

5. Can do with Canva- ft Helena Traill 

6. Media Literacy- Three sides to every story 

7. Illustration- Ft Saber Cosmos  

8. Building Empathy- Speaking up, Speaking Out 

9. Blogging 101- ft Fama Creates  

10. Vlogging like a pro- ft K-OS Visuals  

11. Building Empathy- Manifesto for a better web 

12. Digital Citizenship- Becoming an internet Citizen  

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