Locations: None selected

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Organisation: Groundwork UK

Spaces Available: 10

Salary: N/A

Closing Date: 1st November 2021

On 5 November 2021 Groundwork UK will be publishing ‘Greener Futures: youth in a changing climate.’ This research report explores the perspectives of young people between the ages 16-25 years in the UK on climate change and discusses barriers which prevent them from taking climate action. The report was produced following focus groups and an online survey of 500 young people.

They’re keen to ensure young people’s voices are integral to the report’s promotion given they were instrumental in its production. they are looking for a group of 10 young people to work with them and ‘takeover’ the Groundwork UK LinkedIn and Twitter social media channels during 5th November. 

They will be supported by offering 1-1 and group guidance on how to curate content relating to their ideas. Following this support young people will then be able to use our audience and channels to convey their messaging around climate action and hopefully empower young people further. Groundwork are happy to be led by the youth voices and offer the support to get the messages across as much as possible.

While they are keen to ensure the views expressed are as authentic as possible they will take appropriate steps to moderate the content appearing on our channels during the takeover. they will also promote the takeover prior to and during the event so their followers are aware that the views being expressed are not necessarily the views of Groundwork UK.

If you are interested in taking part in the social media takeover please let Ashlie Camp know on ashlie.camp@groundwork.org.uk by 31st October 2021.

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