Locations: Online

Age: 11-25

Organisation: Virgin Media O2

Spaces Available: 60

Salary: N/A

Closing Date: 1st October 2023

Get your CV reviewed by a Virgin Media O2 Employee!

Your CV is a key tool to help you get your foot on the career ladder and as well as showing potential employers what you can do, it is also a great reference point for you when completing applications forms or preparing for an interview.

We’ve got some fantastic tips on how to write the perfect CV BUT, with all these amazing tips it is still super useful to have somebody to review your CV and point out the pros and cons of it all.

Some external, anonymous feedback from an experienced person working in business can help to make it even better. Now is your chance to get a fresh pair of eyes to look through your CV and help to spot ways you could improve it to maximise your chances of making the right impression! We’re here to offer you the chance to get your CV reviewed by a member of the Virgin Media O2 team!

Why Virgin Media O2?

VMO2 is a leading technology company – with departments covering marketing, sales, finance, legal, HR, and operations (tech).

Use this great opportunity to get some constructive and positive feedback on how you can maximise your CV to be most effective, directly from people who know what they look for when recruiting. Simply apply by uploading a current CV and we will pass the first 60 CVs we receive on to a team at VMO2 to provide you with some bespoke feedback, so don’t delay!

Please name your CV by your first and last name before sending it in! 

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