How To Own Any Zoom Interview

With so many industries now hiring remote workers, face-to-face interviews are coming to an end. It’s all about zoom calls now! Though you may think a zoom call is better than a traditional interview (okay, not having to wake up for a 6 am commute is better), the format is slightly different. People often fall into the trap of thinking that, just because it’s online, you can behave more casually. Here are five top tips to ensure you ace any zoom interview.

Find a Connection

There’s nothing worse than an interview that’s going great until y   ou st    art t   o break up. Unless you can fix it pronto, it will more than likely be rescheduled. If the employer is interviewing other candidates that day, you then risk the chance of them getting picked over you just because of your dodgy internet. So find somewhere with a strong connection, even if it means you having to pop to your local internet cafe.

Find A Laptop/Computer

It sounds like a silly thing to remind you of, but you wouldn’t believe how many people use their phones for zoom interviews. Obviously, if that’s the only device you have access to, by all means, go ahead and use it. If not, a laptop/computer is the way forward. You have no idea how long the interview could take, meaning your poor little arm will be aching after about 15 minutes of constant holding. Not only will this lead to camera shake, but it can also take you out of focus of the lens.

Find a Quiet Place

Employers understand that the typical person takes their zoom call from home. Life doesn’t stop because you’re in a meeting, but it doesn’t hurt to try and keep things as quiet as possible. If you’re living with family or friends, have a word with them beforehand to let them know when your interview is so they know when to be quiet. Though you can’t have the same conversation with crying babies or barking dogs, you can make use of your microphone’s mute button (while the interviewer is talking) if the noise gets out of hand while you’re being interviewed. 

Practice Eye Contact

Maintaining good eye contact is just as important in a zoom interview as in a traditional one. However, to do that requires not looking at their eyes. Okay, that sounds odd but, if you look into their eyes throughout the call, it will actually look like you’re looking down. It may feel unnatural at first, but you should actually keep your eyes focused on the camera to look engaged. 

Wear Professional Clothing

By this, I do mean a full professional outfit. An outfit that says business on top and a three-day hangover on the bottom just won’t do. Not only will you feel more professional and interview-ready by dressing the part, but you’ll also avoid any embarrassing camera mishaps. No one wants to knock over their camera and have their future boss getting a good old look at your fluffy unicorn PJs or worse.

Find a Good Background

Always make your zoom background as appealing as possible. No one wants to see your unmade bed, dirty washing or two-foot high Harry Styles poster behind you. So always make sure you give your room a thorough tidy up and remove anything you wouldn’t want your future employer seeing. 

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