Lockdown Gave Me A Masters Degree

We were all excited to enter 2020; bursting with goals, plans and changes we wanted to make. I don’t believe I’ve seen a more exciting new year’s eve in my lifetime with a new decade on the horizon. Not only that, I haven’t lived in a year with double digits before so it was exciting and the new made me excited for the future. The clock hit 12 midnight and we sailed into the New Year with our loved ones and friends with much anticipation especially for our careers.

For me, one of the things I wanted to accomplish was a Masters degree. Being a single mother I was not going to let anything prevent me from achieving my goals. I believe that we all can accomplish anything we want to if we make a plan and execute it. So I applied and began in January 2020. Life was good. I had my younger sisters babysit while I went in which gave me some breathing time as well as an opportunity to make new friends. Could things get worse? I didn’t think so but then one of the devastating news that we could have heard broke the Internet. As we all know, COVID-19 was announced and we all had to stay home.

Just like you, I had lost control of my plans and felt helpless. Life changed for us all. The revolution of the workplace, businesses and educational institutions was hard to adjust to, as all I knew was face-to-face communication. What I didn’t tell you was that my sisters traveled into London each time to look after my daughter and decided to stay outside of London for the lockdown. It was just my daughter, my master’s degree and I. The heat was on and the rice was boiling.

Although the pressure was on, I realized that I could still accomplish what I wanted to but just now in a different way. Although it wasn’t easy, with my daughter making noise in the background I logged into my online uni meetings and did what I had to do. I continued like this, submitting my assignments in faith.  I didn’t waiver because I knew that I still had the power to determine my fate. As I type this I have booked my graduation tickets and searching for the right fit for the day. I never knew I could actually come out of this but I did.

We are all faced with circumstances that we did not foresee. We may be in a not so good time in our lives. But I urge you not to give up. There’s something great waiting for you on the other side of it all. Whatever you want to accomplish with your careers, I’d say go for it. We have all made it to the other side of COVID, which tells us we are more powerful than we think. Lockdown gave me a master’s degree, what is your situation going to give you?

By Lapel.

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