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Organisation: Samsung

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Closing Date: 4th December 2021


An intimate workshop hosted in person by our resident mentors to develop the confidence, connections and skills required to take action & change the world for the better. You will leave feeling clear about how you can personally take action as a change – maker, inspired by the possibilities of tech, and connected to a community of support.


Personal development >> Learn how to develop confidence in yourself as a change-maker, gain problem-solving tools and techniques and learn how to build ideas as a team.

Idea development >> Understand the design-thinking process so you leave super clear about how to build, test and develop your ideas.

Tech development >> Imagine the possibilities of technology and be introduced to tools you could build on to develop your tech ideas.

Plus… connect with a network of like-minded peers, access to ongoing mentoring support from the incredible team leading the workshop to realise your ideas.

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