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Organisation: Common Vision

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Closing Date: 25th November 2021

This is a collaborative, exploratory, and experimental session. We will invite you to tap into your own imagination and ambitions to create visions for a resilient future for our generation. We will work together to imagine what it would both look and feel like to live in a world where our communities, economies and systems enable and support everyone to feel resilient. What systems need adapting, rethinking or reimagining? How will we overcome the biggest social, environmental and economic challenges we face? And how can we write that story of transition?

This session is designed for young people aged under 30 but will be inclusive of all ages. It is part of Common Vision’s new participatory research and policy design project ‘Rethinking Resilience’. If you have any questions about this session or Common Vision’s wider work please contact: miriam.brightbart@covi.org.uk

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