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Closing Date: 2nd September 2022

YouTube has recently launched ReFrame, a series of 10 episodes featuring creators sharing their experience to help, equip and empower young people with the skills they need for life online. The series covers key topics from the Be Internet Citizens Curriculum (such as how to counter mis- and disinformation, understanding biases and stereotypes, dealing with online abuse and hatred).
ISD is trying to understand how young people perceive these videos and whether they create lasting impact and/or foster behavioural change. We hope to engage young people (13+) from across the UK to be involved in the evaluation of the programme in September 2022.
We will be using an online discussion tool, where young people will be asked:

  • To complete pre- and post-surveys;
  • To watch each of the 10 episodes;
  • To answer a series of questions and scenarios based on key topics

The platform will be open from September 12 until September 30; participants can go at their own pace and connect whenever they want during this period.
Participants will receive up to £50, depending on completion of tasks on the platform.
We also have places for a baseline study, where participants will only have to complete pre- and post-surveys, without having to watch the videos, as well as for focus groups, which will take the form of a 1-hour roundtable online, facilitated by ISD and an external expert after the platform closes.
The findings will ultimately be used to publish an impact report for the ReFrame programme, both to improve delivery and resource development going forward, and as evidence for the media literacy education sector.
If you or your cohort are interested in taking part in this important piece of evaluation work, or if you have questions or interest about the process, please email Iris Boyer at ib@isdglobal.org and Hugo Besançon at hbe@isdglobal.org for further details.

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