Locations: London

Age: 16+

Organisation: British Red Cross

Spaces Available: N/A

Salary: N/A

Closing Date: 7th June 2024

Do you have a bucket load of enthusiasm, a few hours to spare and a desire to raise money for people in crisis? If so, this opportunity is for you! There has never been a more important time for the British Red Cross.

Prior to the Ukraine Crisis, over 80 million people were displaced across the world. Now a further 10 million people have joined that devastating number, making the work that we do even more vital. Could you shake a bucket and help us?

Join us at one of our local collections and get ready to make a difference. Just a couple of hours shaking a bucket will help raise money to enable the Red Cross to provide the support necessary to those in crisis in the UK and across the world – whether that is food, clothing, first aid, cash, healthcare, or emotional support.

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