Locations: National

Age: None selected

Organisation: iWill

Spaces Available: N/A

Salary: N/A

Closing Date: 3rd July 2022

#iwill Ambassadors are young people aged 10-25 who are campaigning, volunteering, fundraising, befriending or mentoring their peers to make a difference in their communities.  
As an #iwill Ambassador, you will be recognised for the amazing work you’re already doing and can spread the news about a cause that’s close to your heart. It’s a chance to raise the profile of your social action, get more young people involved and inspire change.  
You’ll play an important role in the #iwill movement, helping the #iwill Coordination Hub make decisions on the future direction of the movement. You will have the opportunity to attend events, sit on special interest groups, create content and speak out on our social media channels. In Scotland you will also be able to take your social action story and experience and share that with other young people in schools and youth groups.  
We’re looking for young people who know how good it feels to make a difference and want to share that with others. You could be from any kind of background, anywhere in the UK. What matters is that you’re passionate about what you believe in and want to join with others to get your message out. We also know the value of working in local communities to make change happen. Therefore we welcome applications from young people who are operating at a local level, as well as nationally.

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