How To Boost Your Resume From Home

With the current state of the world – thanks, corona – the workplace is full of uncertainty. People are losing jobs left, right and centre and constant changes to lockdown rules are preventing us from even travelling to new ones. Well, here are 5 ways you can boost your resume from home! Take an Online … Continued

How To Own Any Zoom Interview

With so many industries now hiring remote workers, face-to-face interviews are coming to an end. It’s all about zoom calls now! Though you may think a zoom call is better than a traditional interview (okay, not having to wake up for a 6 am commute is better), the format is slightly different. People often fall … Continued

How To Prevent Loneliness When You Work From Home

Working from home can be a lonely place. It’s bad enough that lockdown restrictions have prevented us all from seeing our friends and family, but the amount of office’s turning to remote working, for the time being, has got rid of the last bit of social contact we had. To ensure you don’t have to … Continued

Lockdown Gave Me A Masters Degree

We were all excited to enter 2020; bursting with goals, plans and changes we wanted to make. I don’t believe I’ve seen a more exciting new year’s eve in my lifetime with a new decade on the horizon. Not only that, I haven’t lived in a year with double digits before so it was exciting … Continued

Stock Up On The Toilet Roll

Who would have thought that toilet roll would be a rarity? I remember going from supermarket to supermarket looking for it and race walking to the aisle with a hopeful gaze. Wow, who would have thought? Shortages of essential household items made us appreciate the simple things in life. Although these items may not be … Continued

Unusual career: Interview with a dog behaviourist

This piece was written by freelancer Lucy Skoulding If you’re trying to decide what career to follow, the one thing you should know is that there is so much out there to choose from. While some might argue this makes the choice even harder, the myriad of unusual jobs out there can come as a … Continued

How I did it: Interview with Jamal Edwards

It’s hard not to know about Jamal Edwards. The founder of multi-million-pound YouTube channel SBTV, Edwards is an MBE recipient, entrepreneur, speaker and all-round music expert. SBTV hosts more than 10,000 videos focusing mainly on grime and rap, and Edwards is in part, responsible for giving these genres a second cultural wind by pushing several underground artists into the mainstream … Continued

No degree? No problem! Why Ad agency VCCP’s new scheme could be for you…

Dream of working in advertising? Well it might be even more accessible as a career than you’d originally thought. We spoke to Olivia Packshaw, an Account Director there, who told us that VCCP are launching a new year-long entry program for recruits interested in Account Management and Planning. And you don’t need a degree! Olivia explained: “With this new scheme … Continued

7 Ways To Succeed In Your Gap Year Job

This piece was written by freelance writer and filmmaker Priyanka Mogul. Gap years have been the latest fad for a few years now, but how do you take one and make it count for something? I took a gap year back in 2011 before starting my journalism degree at university. I was lucky enough at the … Continued

What Not to Say to your Colleague who is Fasting

With companies championing diversity more than ever, it’s important to note that diversity is a brilliant thing when it’s not just a buzzword. It’s easy to assume the problem of ignorance and prejudice is solved, however many minorities deal with microaggressions multiple times a day. Diversity is a structural solution, not a superficial one. When … Continued

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