Confidence that made my reality

Having the confidence to say aloud what you want from life will manifest in incredible ways.

If I have learnt one thing on my journey, it is being able to say exactly what you want even if you do not know how to get it. Looking at the steps in front of you that lead to those bigger goals. I first noticed this once I was in college (Sixth form). Everyone was applying to universities, and I just knew in my gut, I did not want to go.

I wanted to go into the media industry but for me I was not 100% sure which avenue I wanted to take.

I reached out to my teacher, and she showed me this incredible one-year course that I could do that delved deep into various media avenues and she said to see how I felt after this year. I had the confidence to say out loud that I wasn’t ready for university even though all my peers were. It didn’t make me inferior, I felt powerful by admitting that to my teacher and this was the first step that led me onto an incredible path.

This course I worked so hard for to achieve top grades, just so I had the choice to go to university if that was the path I wanted to take. Instead, we did a module on Television Production and suddenly a lightbulb switched on inside my brain. This is what I want to work in, this is what would get me up every morning with excitement for work. I did my television placement at a studio called Epic Studios in Norwich and once the week was over, I approached the manager of Epic and asked for a job. I quite literally asked for a job even though I still had a good four months of college left.

Four months later when my course finished, Epic Studios called me and offered me a job. It’s not just about being in the right place at the right time. It’s about making it the right place at the right time. I spoke my truth out loud, and I went for what I wanted. Eventually when my course finished, I was put on a full-time contract and began working as a Production Runner for Epic Studios. I now work in London for ITV studios as a Production Secretary. The progression from having the courage and confidence to go after what you believe in and what life you want. You will manifest your own desires into a reality.

Alana – amplifi influencer
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