Stock Up On The Toilet Roll

Who would have thought that toilet roll would be a rarity? I remember going from supermarket to supermarket looking for it and race walking to the aisle with a hopeful gaze. Wow, who would have thought? Shortages of essential household items made us appreciate the simple things in life. Although these items may not be luxurious they are essential for everyday living.

Much like how our perspectives have changed on household essential matters. A lot of perspectives have been changed and continue to be changed in the work place. I have seen a revolution that gets me excited. It still feels strange, but at the same time allows us to see how old inefficient practices have never been questioned. Now better and efficient ways of doing business have been realized. When I go to Nandos, I just scan my tables QR code and make my order and payment through their app and my half a chicken (medium hot), chips and coleslaw, perinaise sauce and bottomless drink is on the way.

As we can see, loads of things are becoming digitalized. I think its safe to say that the future is digital. In saying this, industries are adjusting and skillsets are becoming more in demand than others. What industry do you want to enter? I asked you this question because it is vital to anticipate and study how your industry is responding to technological changes and adapting to the ongoing pandemic.

A way to be ahead of the game is to do your research into the sector and role that you aim to enter into. This will put you ahead of the game making you a better perspective employee than others. I know I started with stocking up on toilet roll, but don’t forget to stock up of short courses, work experience and knowledge of your field too. These are all essentials too. Yes, you are passionate and have an interest, which is fantastic. But what will really help you to stand out and push you further is your skills and knowledge of your chosen industry. Go Think Big helps you to achieve your career dreams and have plenty of great opportunities for work experience. As well as having this at your disposal, there are so many certified short courses online to help you understand digital and technological developments.

If you really want to pioneer your industry, you can recommend better practices with your gained knowledge. At this time in history we all have a chance to leave our mark. Lets aim to transform our industries. Lets aim to always level up in our knowledge of how the world is changing and what this might look like for our industries. And lets aim to have a little extra toilet roll in our bathrooms because you just never know.

By Lapel.

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